Prep Work

One of the most important aspects of painting and decorating is preparation. Any surface which is not properly prepared will render any new painted or decorated surface ineffective, and likely to fail.

When cheap fillers, undercoats, and preparation products are used, the job may look great on completion, but when the paint cracks and peels within months requiring a repaint, this will only cost you more in the long run. That is why we use only the highest quality products available.

We will ensure all surfaces are thoroughly and expertly prepared, sanded and filled before any painting or wallpapering occurs.

Interior Painting

At all times drop sheets will be used to protect your belongings. The surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the fresh paint. All blemishes that could "bleed through" the new paint are treated with appropriate primers or sealers. These include watermarks, pen mark and smoke stains. Loose paint and imperfections will be scraped and sanded away. Cracks and holes will be repaired with the appropriate filler, sanded and primed. Acrylic sealers are used to neatly fill any gaps between different surfaces. Finally, two top coats of the appropriate paint will be applied.

Exterior Painting

Surfaces will be cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the fresh paint. All loose paint will be removed before further sanding and smoothing may be necessary to obtain top aesthetic appeal. Loose nails are reset and re-puttied where necessary. Primers are applied to all bare wood and metal, concrete and plaster to ensure adhesion and to prevent future peeling. Finally, two top coats of the appropriate paint will be applied. Where appropriate warning signs or road cones are used and we can work outside of normal hours to ensure the least interruption to your business as possible.


Old wallpaper may be removed or sealed depending on which is more cost effective and appropriate for your walls. Any imperfections in the walls will be repaired and sanded until smooth, dust will be removed, walls will then be sized, allowed to dry and wallpapered. All work will be carried out to the latest wallpaper techniques, including matching patterns if required.

Airless Spraying

This is ideal for roofs and new properties. This method of application has proven to be more cost efficient and can provide a better finish. We can advise you whether airless spraying is suitable for your property.

New Properties

We will work with other tradesmen and contractors to ensure that your property is completed on time to the highest standard.